We at Clarkway Construction specialize in environmental cleanup and excavation primarily for commercial and industrial clients. We have done many services across Ontario including demolition, installation of petroleum tanks for service stations, construction of service stations from scratch, cleanup of hazardous materials from carwashes, and have done environmental cleanup work for several municipalities and townships across the province.

We take pride in our cleanliness when working on a jobsite, and we especially take pride in our safety standards which we set exceptionally high for ourselves.

Clarkway Construction’s notable projects include

401 Eastbound Service Centre, Cambridge, Ontario (2011-2012) – Suncor Energy Products Partnership

The scope of work pertained to the decommissioning, demolition, and remediation of a service station and adjacent buildings.

Clarkway Construction utilized its ALLU Bucket (crusher/screener) to reduce demolition debris, screen debris from the soil, and crush frozen material suitable for backfill.

During Remediation procedures, the crusher/screener allowed frozen clean native material, otherwise suitable for backfill, to be crushed and screened for optimal compaction.

Contaminated groundwater was found during drilling activities; Clarkway Construction activated the certificate of approval for our water treatment system to treat 1.4 million litres of groundwater and discharge it to an adjacent surface watercourse.

401 Eastbound Service Centre, Trenton, Ontario (2009) – Petro Canada (Suncor Energy Products Partnership)

The 401 Eastbound Service Centre was to be decommissioned, the service centre and adjacent restaurants were to be demolished. An estimated 6000 Metric Tonnes of Soil was anticipated to be contaminated with hydrocarbons; well reports determined groundwater was contaminated with SVOCs, VOCs, BTEX, and hydrocarbons. Clarkway Construction was to perform all work in conjunction with environmental consultant retained by the client.

Clarkway Construction utilized ORC (Oxygen Release Compound) as a method of in-situ remediation.
An estimated half of the contaminated soil arranged to be disposed off-site was made suitable for backfilling purposes.

Clarkway Construction activated the Certificate of Approval for our water treatment system. Approximately 2.2 million litres of impacted groundwater was treated and dispersed to an adjacent surface watercourse.


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