Clarkway Construction provides services for the construction and restoration of service centres,

  • Installation of aboveground and underground tanks and associated piping.
    We have Petroleum Mechanic (PM) certified employees knowledgeable of the installation processes
  • Forming concrete curbs
  • Asphalt Work/Repair
  • Earthworks


We at Clarkway Construction take pride in that all of our employees are fully licensed for whatever job may be required of them.

All of our employees are WHIMIS, First Aid, and Fall Protection certified. We take no risks with the safety of our jobs or the safety of our employees.

A number of our employees also have their confined space entry certificate. This means that these employees have been properly trained in methods of working within a confined space, which is the best method of accident prevention when working in such an environment. This requirement which we have made company policy, further displays our commitment to workplace safety.

All of our drivers at Clarkway Construction have their dangerous goods certificate, and are licensed by the TSSA (the Technical Safety & Standards Authority). This means that our drivers are properly trained in the transport and handling of various dangerous materials, because when dealing with materials that are potentially dangerous, you cannot take any risks or chances.

Clarkway Construction also is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE), which allows us, in addition to other services, haul contaminated soil with our trucks, as well as carry and transport contaminated water to a proper facility where is can be treated.

Our Operators are also licensed with PM 1,2 and 3, which are required for working on petroleum tanks.



Clarkway Construction Ltd.

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